Transforming Disgust

I love this post, about turning the tables on disgust, from Austin Kleon. In particular the quote below really speaks to me. I’m a person who appreciates much of life but who also has a certain amount of frustration and sometimes revulsion with things that I see going on in the world. Even with these feelings, I want to present the positive more often than the negative. Kleon explains his formula to do just that.

I feel like my readers see me as a fairly positive person, but I doubt they know how much I am driven by my disgust.

The trick is: I take the thing I’m disgusted with, imagine the opposite , and push that out into the world.

Identifying poison, privately, but sharing nourishment, publicly.

In the same post, Kleon also mentions reading Transforming Noncomformist, a sermon from Martin Luther King Jr., that I will also plan to read in observance of the day.

January 19, 2021

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